St Ignatius 1Our Society was co-founded by a Jesuit priest, Fr. Pierre Joseph de Clorivière, SJ, so Ignatian spirituality is an important part of our foundation. It is a grace from God that centers and fortifies us. We adopted as our own the rules of spiritual conduct of the Society of Jesus, contained in the Summary and in St. Ignatius’ letter on Obedience. In fact, among the documents Fr. de Clorivière  brought to Pope Pius VII for the approbation of the Society in January 1801 was the explanation of the Summary.

The legacy of St. Ignatius is rich, and it structures our spiritual life: art of discernment, sense of “More” (Magis in Latin), pedagogy to unify the desire, interior freedom, (as expressed in Principle and Foundation), gratitude and offering, to see God in all things and all things in God, to feel with the Church, the importance of review and the unity of life.

As part of our daily prayer and meditation, DHM are encouraged to pray the Ignatian Examen. Through this prayer we encounter God, give thanks, and take responsibility for our actions committing to make amends for any of our offenses.

 The Spiritual Exercises The Ignatian Examen







Our Mission

The Society accommodates the continuation of religious life under all circumstances and in each milieu where a Daughter of the Heart of Mary is sent on mission. Wherever we may be, and in all circumstances, we are called to witness to the Risen Christ and to the liberating power of his Gospel.

Our Vision

The Daughters of the Heart of Mary are twenty-first century ecclesial women of many nations and cultures alive with the gifts of the Spirit. Following the example of the original Christian communities, our spirituality is rooted in Sacred Scripture and is exemplified in lives and ministries strengthened by communal prayer and spiritual sharing...READ MORE

Our Logo

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A stylised cross, two hearts, a flame and, above the crossbar, our name.

Simple, yet.... let's try to read it from the heart, as if we were reading poetry, because art is always poetry...READ MORE

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