Madonna of the HostMadonna of the Host by Jean Auguste Dominique IngresThe Holy Eucharist is central to the Daughters of the Heart Mary’s faith and spirituality. We seek to take part in the daily Mass, and Communion, whenever it is possible. Eucharistic adoration is important to members of the Society. Indeed, both of our founders drew from the Eucharist and Eucharistic adoration strength, the confirmation of their discernment, and the joy of union with Christ throughout their lives until their last breath before the Blessed Sacrament on the last morning of their lives.

Fr. de Clorivière saw in the transformation of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ the promise that our hearts can be transformed in Jesus: “Divine Love is all powerful…Formerly It changed water into wine; everyday It changes the material bread into its own Body. Let us pray that it may change our hearts unto His and destroy in us every sentiment which would not be conformed to those of His Divine Heart.” (Letter of Father de Clorivière to Marie Adèlaïde on the feast of the Sacred Heart, 1806)

The Eucharist






Our Mission

The Society accommodates the continuation of religious life under all circumstances and in each milieu where a Daughter of the Heart of Mary is sent on mission. Wherever we may be, and in all circumstances, we are called to witness to the Risen Christ and to the liberating power of his Gospel.

Our Vision

The Daughters of the Heart of Mary are twenty-first century ecclesial women of many nations and cultures alive with the gifts of the Spirit. Following the example of the original Christian communities, our spirituality is rooted in Sacred Scripture and is exemplified in lives and ministries strengthened by communal prayer and spiritual sharing...READ MORE

Our Logo

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A stylised cross, two hearts, a flame and, above the crossbar, our name.

Simple, yet.... let's try to read it from the heart, as if we were reading poetry, because art is always poetry...READ MORE

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