Internationally, We Are Consecrated Women

Called into the World for the World

The Holy Spirit inspired our founders with a Charism to uphold religious consecration and to serve the needs of the Church and God's people.

Today this very charism calls us to be a living presence of the mercy and love of God in a world being torn apart by violence.  We desire to be a presence that transforms lives through prayer and apostolic action.

Gifted with a Mission Rooted in the Heart of Christ

We have the responsibility and joy of witnessing the risen Christ and liberating power of the Gospel.  Our Mission is realized in a diversity of ministries in favor of life and the person, according to the needs of every time and every place.


In The United States 


The Daughters of the Heart of Mary have existed in the U.S. since 1851.  Our spirituality is rooted in Sacred Scripture and is exemplified in lives and ministries strengthened by communal prayer and spiritual sharing...following the example of the original Christian communities. 
Faithful to our charism, we live an authentic vowed religious life, without any distinguishing sign or specific apostolate.  We live in the midst of the world to love better, respond to the needs of God’s people, and to challenge those societal norms and laws that devalue the sanctity of human life, and the integrity of creation.  We live simply, content with only the materials honestly necessary, walking in authentic solidarity with those who are the most vulnerable in our society.   

In the spirit of our Founders, and with contemplative hearts, we seek truth, promote peace, and reverence all life in the name of Jesus, who is our center and his mother Mary, who is our model.

 Consecrated for Mission

In union with Mary, the Christ-bearer, the United States Daughters of the Heart of Mary seek to foster a world rooted in and revitalized by the Word of God.

The Word is made flesh in our lives as we are

   Cooperating with God’s graces to build a world in which the primary values are equality and justice for all God’s people.

   Endeavoring to be a community in which each member’s God-given gifts are appreciated and nurtured.

   Working and praying for an earth protected and restored.

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