FoundersThe Year was 1790:

Amidst the turmoil of the French Revolution, a noblewoman, Marie Adelaide de Cicé, dared to dream of a new way of living religious life while remaining in the world without benefit of habit or cloister. Providentially she met a Jesuit priest, Pierre Joseph de Clorivière, S.J., who was exploring new ways to serve the church and to keep religious life from becoming extinct in France.

The Two Inspirations:

On July 19, 1790 Fr. de Clorivière had the first of two inspirations: a society for priests that would reinforce their spiritual lives and provide the necessary support needed for them to serve in troubled times.

On August 18 he had the second inspiration: to found a similar society for women, a project which corresponded to the way the Holy Spirit was leading Marie Adelaide de Cicé.

The Founding:

On February 2, 1791 the two societies were born amidst the revolution: Priests of the Heart of Jesus and Daughters of the Heart of Mary.



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