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Behold Your Mother (Jn 19,27) Part Two

“We must never forget, my very dear Sisters, that Mary, our august Queen and tender Mother, is for us the channel for all the graces of which her Son is the source. God in his wisdom and goodness has willed to bestow all his treasures through her. “Adelaide de Cice

We, the Daughters of the Heart of Mary, have a special devotion to Mary both individually and collectively.  Mary symbolizes the complete span of Jesus’ ministry from his incarnation to his crucifixion. 

In Jesus entrusting Mary and John to each other, he created a new community with Mary being the mother of all the disciples both past and present.  Mary is the first leader of the community of believers and the living link between Jesus ministry both before and after his death and resurrection. 

Mary gave her whole self to the work of Jesus and, as Daughters of the Heart of Mary, we endeavor to model our lives following Mary’s example.  Based on various biblical texts that “Mary pondered these things in her heart,” one can conclude that Mary was a contemplative.  She definitely is a good model of one who practiced contemplative prayer and discernment before acting.  As Daughters of the Heart of Mary, we also seek to follow Mary’s example of contemplation and discernment to better enable us to be Christ bearers to others as Mary was.

 As Daughters of the Heart of Mary, we seek to follow her example of poverty of spirit, imitating her virtues and characteristics in all of our actions, especially in the areas of patience, humility, prayer, love of God, and charity toward neighbor.   Mary was always faithful in God’s service, guided by perfect intention and always ready to help, which are all character traits we seek to incorporate into our lives following Mary’s example. 

Our founders gave the Daughters of the Heart of Mary a mission to honor Mary and to make her loved in the world.  They firmly believed, as we do, that it is through Mary that we draw the graces necessary to be contemplatives in action and mission, just as Mary was.  Mary is an excellent example of one who was always faithful to God’s will and action in her life—always doing so in a humble and sensitive way, even if she was not certain as to how it would be accomplished.

Our founders gave us the name “Daughters of the Heart of Mary” to help us have a deep understanding of the respect and love we owe Mary, since Jesus gave her to us as our mother after she had been his mother.  They also chose the name to help us to be aware of the fact we need to be more humble, gentle, patient, obedient, and detached from all that can distract us from being open and responsive to God’s promptings in our own lives. The name helps us to be more accepting of the hardships and painful experiences we have in life; needless to say, in order to accomplish the goals of our founders, it requires that we be united with God through the daily practice of prayer.   

What role does Mary play in your spiritual life?  Is she the one you go to in times of need or difficulty?  Do you believe, like the above quote of Adelaide, that Mary is channel for all the graces of which Jesus is the source?  I invite you to ponder these questions as well as to ask yourself during your day, “How can I be more like Mary, especially in the areas of humility, gentleness, and placing the needs of others before my own?” Linda DHM

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     June 3, 2020


    Among our most valued books are The Bible, The Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States.  The first is a life-line for a multitude of people; the second and third reinforce the basic principles of the Abrahamic Religions: The Hebrew Scriptures, The Gospels of Jesus, and the Koran, namely, that "Every Human Being is endowed with the dignity of the Image of God and is worthy of respect." 

    To salute the flag of the United States and pledge allegiance; to sing hymns and pray to God in worship with one breath, and with the next support discrimination, foster acts of violence, deny basic rights to any man, woman or child, is the height of hypocrisy, whatever one's station or position may be in this, "Our One Nation Under God, which proclaims Liberty and Justice for All."

    Miriam Najimy DHM, U.S. Provincial, Daughters of the Heart of Mary

    Denise Granger SSJ, Coordinator SSJ Office for Justice and Peace

    June 8, 2020

    The final line in the statement above stands without meaning for as long as injustice is committed against any man, woman or child.  The proclamation of 'Liberty and Justice for All' remains no more than an EMPTY PLEDGE, diminishing the Constitution of the United States in its entirety. One missing link in the chain renders that chain useless.

    The assassination of Mr. George Floyd, caused by those who swore an oath to protect and defend the law of the land; a law that stands in defense of the presumption of innocence for all people; a law that demands evidential proof of guilt.  Mr. Floyd was presumed guilty without a slip of evidence and executed for being black.  The epitome of racist hatred, a mockery of the DeClaration of Independence and our Constitution.

    One Nation Under WHO???

    Miriam Najimy DHM, U.S. Provincial, Daughters of the Heart of Mary

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