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In union with Mary, Mother of Jesus, we seek to foster a world rooted in and revitalized by the Word of God.

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After imploring light from the Holy Spirit, immediately I remembered (the above) sentence from the holy gospel which now head the plan of the DHM (Fr. de Cloriviere)

Part 3

As stated in a previous post, in order to establish and have a friendship to grow requires spending time together.  One prayer practice that I use to spend time with God is by the form of prayer known as Lectio Divina.  It is a prayer practice in which one spends time reading and reflecting on the Word of God in scriptures—both the written word and the Word of God, Jesus. 


Lectio Divina is a form of prayer that is as effective whether performed alone or in a group setting.  There are several different ways to pray Lectio and the majority of them have four basic steps—reading , reflecting, responding and remaining.  If a person is using Lectio individually rather than in a group, the steps are as follows:  First, a passage of scripture is read in order to get a sense of what is being said in the scripture. Second, the scripture is read a second time paying attention to any words or phrases that catch your attention.  Third, the scripture is read a third time and one spends some time considering what God is saying to you in the passage, then forming a prayer in response to what you are hearing in the passage.  Fourth, the passage is then read again and one spends some time in silence simply remaining in God’s presence.  Some people then spend some time journaling about their experience as a way of ending the prayer time.  One way to extend the experience is to repeat either the word/phrase that caught your attention or the prayer you formed from your reflection throughout the day.

If Lectio is being done in a group setting, there are still four steps with a slight variation.  The first step is the same in that a scripture passage is read followed by silence.  The second step is also the same, except that after a few minutes of silence, the participants speak aloud the word or phrase that spoke to them without comment. After the scripture is read a third time, the participants verbalize whatever prayer they have formed from their reflection.  After all who wish to have shared their prayer, there is a brief period of silence, and then the scripture is read again a fourth time and followed by a few minutes of silence.  The leader praying a prayer that thanks God for the participant’s reflections, and that they will be brought into a deeper relationship with Christ through this experience ends the prayer period.

Although most people who practice Lectio use scripture as the source of reflection and prayer, some people prefer to use some form of spiritual read rather than scripture.  Regardless of what is used, the steps remain the same.

Do you consider this as a form of prayer or bible study?  Is this a form of prayer you think you would benefit from? I invite you to practice Lectio on a daily basis for a month.  Linda, DHM

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