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Living Christ’s Prayer for his Disciples in the 21st Century Part Two

Let us often recall, my dear Sisters, what we must never forget, that we are in the world but not of it, and that we are there only to procure the glory of Jesus Christ to whom we belong. Marie Adelaide de Cice, First Circular Letter (undated)

One of the challenges for all of us, whether we belong to a religious order or not, is the whole issue of the acquisition of belongings.  Living in a consumer society as we do with its heavy emphasis on success equated to the monetary value of our homes, cars, clothes, and personal possessions, can result in our experiencing a strong temptation to focus on those standards rather than Christ’s standards.

  It can be very easy to be persuaded by peer pressure and/or skillful advertisement that we need something in order to make our lives better when we may not actually need it.  Going hand in hand with this is the fact that because of the overemphasis on material goods, there is the risk of having the acquisition of goods becoming the central focus of our lives at the expense of more important things such as caring for the poor.  Even Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato Si speaks in section 203 of the fact that “the market tends to promote extreme consumerism in an effort to sell its products, people can get caught up in a whirlwind of needless buying and spending.” and how this can lead people to be more and more self-centered.

In order to combat this temptation for us as members of Daughters of the Heart of Mary, before we make any purchase, we ask ourselves, “Is this item that I am thinking of getting a real need or just something I want?” We also ask ourselves whether or not what we currently have is sufficient to meet one’s needs.  If the item is needed and/or what one has is insufficient to meet the needs of everyday living, then one is free to acquire it.  A good habit to get into is to periodically inventory all that is owned and decide whether all the items are items we still need.  If something has hung in the closet or sat in a drawer or on a shelf for years and gone unused, it is not needed and ought to be passed on to someone who can use it. This serves the dual purpose of good stewardship and living simply. This action can also help to decrease the impulse to be self-centered and selfish.

I would like to suggest that the next time you think about going shopping for something, ask yourself is the item you are about to buy something you really need.  I also invite you to do an inventory of your home and belongings at least once a year and as you look at each item ask yourself, "Are the possessions I have things I really need?  Is what I have sufficient for me to live a simple life or more than I need?” and act accordingly.

It can be very easy to rationalize that something is a need rather than just a want.  How would you differentiate between them?  What needs to occur to convert a something we want to something we really need?  I invite you to share your reflections.  Linda S. DHM 


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     June 3, 2020


    Among our most valued books are The Bible, The Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States.  The first is a life-line for a multitude of people; the second and third reinforce the basic principles of the Abrahamic Religions: The Hebrew Scriptures, The Gospels of Jesus, and the Koran, namely, that "Every Human Being is endowed with the dignity of the Image of God and is worthy of respect." 

    To salute the flag of the United States and pledge allegiance; to sing hymns and pray to God in worship with one breath, and with the next support discrimination, foster acts of violence, deny basic rights to any man, woman or child, is the height of hypocrisy, whatever one's station or position may be in this, "Our One Nation Under God, which proclaims Liberty and Justice for All."

    Miriam Najimy DHM, U.S. Provincial, Daughters of the Heart of Mary

    Denise Granger SSJ, Coordinator SSJ Office for Justice and Peace

    June 8, 2020

    The final line in the statement above stands without meaning for as long as injustice is committed against any man, woman or child.  The proclamation of 'Liberty and Justice for All' remains no more than an EMPTY PLEDGE, diminishing the Constitution of the United States in its entirety. One missing link in the chain renders that chain useless.

    The assassination of Mr. George Floyd, caused by those who swore an oath to protect and defend the law of the land; a law that stands in defense of the presumption of innocence for all people; a law that demands evidential proof of guilt.  Mr. Floyd was presumed guilty without a slip of evidence and executed for being black.  The epitome of racist hatred, a mockery of the DeClaration of Independence and our Constitution.

    One Nation Under WHO???

    Miriam Najimy DHM, U.S. Provincial, Daughters of the Heart of Mary

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